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When you accept that where you are is where you are, you can make a choice. You can accept that's it and consider that your fate. Or you can be the best version of yourself as you can possibly be. Be the best teacher, student, wife, mother, painter, window cleaner, soldier or shop assitant. As Jim Rohn said "Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.”


When the underdogs became the overlords

What the foxes can teach us about the power of dreams, and the belief that it can happen.

Do you believe in fairy tale endings? How about the under dog coming good and overpowering the decades of negativity that surrounded them?

I was born in the Shire of Leicester - some years ago now I must admit. A couple of decades (OK 3) my son decided that enough was enough and it was time to make an appearance when the crowd at Filbert Street roared in approval. I was standing in the maternity ward, when the home team scored a goal and my waters broke. I was both horrified by the mess and overjoyed that my overdue child was ready to join the world. 

In the years that followed we watched (albeit now from down under) the team go from bad to worse. They had their seconds of glory with the odd win, but mostly they got by. Every time they got a good player, they seemed to sell them to stay afloat. And a year ago, the team was on the verge of sliding back to the lower leagues. And everyone other than their fans, thought it was where they belonged.

But then it began.

A football club that had started over a century before began to do the unthinkable. They began to win games against the teams with the big name players, coaches, and the big money backing them. 

Leicester - pffft, yeah we'll give you long odds on that one luv, they've got as much chance of winning the league as hell freezin over. I'm sure you know the rest.

King Power believed in them when few companies did and backed them in the lower league days. Now you can't buy a team shirt in Thailand - fans have to import them. I got my vintage shirt out of the archive - and thankfully it still fits :-) just check out Facebook if you don't believe me. And that is what this story is about. Belief. When you believe in yourself and the dreams you hold - it doesn't matter how long it takes you to get to the top. Hopefully it won't take you quite as long as Leicester City Football Club. But if they can do it, my goodness so can you.

Here's to the power of belief

Cheers me duck

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