Motivate Me to Get Fit & Healthy

The reason why you want to get fit and be healthy, will be the motivation you need to move more, to exercise on a regular basis and to eat the foods that will sustain the change in behaviour and your new way of life. Start slowly. Try as many different activities as you can. Find at least one that you like to do and you can see yourself doing as you grow into the fitter, healthier you.

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Finding 5 minutes and other productivity hacks

It’s winter down under.

You can be forgiven for thinking that we have constant good weather here on the west coast of Australia, especially if you think my pictures on social media are anything to go by. But we have most of our annual rainfall in the 3 months that is winter here. It's also bloody freezing when the wind whips up from the antarctic, and today it brought snow to Bluff Knoll in the Porongurups. It’s not a huge mountain you understand, but it’s a rare occurrence for people in Western Australia to see any let alone have enough to play in - but to do so - they had to climb the mountain...

What you may not know or appreciate is, we don't have central heating in our homes and the thought of stripping off and donning gym gear is not something that I always want to do. I have to say I'm pretty disciplined when it comes to exercise. I go three times a week whether I want to or not. And yesterday we were some of the few people who braved monsoonal rain to walk around Hyde Park. It's part of our routine and rain, hail or shine you'll find us there on a Saturday morning. My “problem” at the moment is that I in rehab phase for my shoulders and not training for anything.

I need goals otherwise I can be guilty of not pushing myself - so training 3 times a week, plus some additional cardio is OK, but it’s only good enough to maintain my level of fitness and weight. But the routine is important.

I also know that if I want to do more, I need to do more and the rest of my routine - and yes my current habits are getting in the way.

So I am breaking them - one decision at a time - believe me you can find every reason not to do something.

I’ll do that when I find 5 minutes… Well I know where to find them, and I am getting things done in 5 minute blocks.

So now of course I am going to challenge you to look at those things you said you were going to do when you “find 5 minutes”

So how do you find them?

One of the best ways I know is this:

Set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier than you would normally do - and leave it there for this week. When it goes off - get up and get moving.

Next week move it back another 5.

Aim for about half an hour in 5 minute blocks.You’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done - and you’re not rushing around like a headless chook.

But my biggest productivity hack is getting prepared the day before.

It takes 5 minutes to plan my meals, pack my gym gear and load the car.

Which means I don’t have the excuse not to eat properly or go the gym on my way home from work.

So now you’ve found 5 minutes - what are you going to do with them - because there is no more time for excuses.