Motivate Me to Get Rich

Being rich is more than having lots of money. Being rich and living a rich lifestyle is a mindset. Money gives you choices, the more money you have the more choices you will face. Having money for itself is no good, it'w aht you what you want the money for that's they key. Once you have that figured out, you will know what you need to do to get the money you need. If you don't need much, you won't do very much. If you're going to have a goal - why not make it a big one, then go to work to make it happen. 


Why playing the "what if" game can lead to great things

Most people Ive come into contact with over the years play the what if game for events and happenings from the past. They churn over and over the various scenarios, of "what if" they had done so and so, then that wouldn't have happened.. Unfortunately playing the what if game in the past isn't really helpful. Most of us fail to learn the lessons and we keep on repeating the same patterns of behaviour, so really playing the "what if" game for past events is worthless.  

But you can harness the "what if" game for huge benefits.

It goes something like this. 

Say you are a normally shy and retiring person and you struggled to make anyone take you seriously because you were not able to articulate what you wanted to say - for example, job interviews, sales calls, letters you want to write but daren't, phone calls you need to make - but won't.  

The first part of the "what if" game involves you looking around for someone who has the skills and abilities you require for this particular instance. Your current boss for instance, a sibling, a parent, someone you work with. Now - observe. What do they do? How do they handle it? 

Now the interesting part of the "what if" game - what if you could harness those same skills, what if you could pretend to be that particular person - do you think you could handle the situation a little better than if you were being the normal "you"? 

But the "what if" game doesn't stop there.

  • What if you had all the time, money and energy in the world - what would you be able to do?
  • What if you didn't put those tasks off, but completed them - what difference would it make to your goal achievement rate?
  • What if you had never ending motivation
  • What if you stopped using negative language
  • What if you stopped eating junk and exercised more - what difference would that make to both your bank balance and your waistline?
  • What if - all this is - is a state of mind?
  • What if I said to you, you already possess the strength of character and the motivation to achieve all your goals?

The problem is, we don't believe it. But it is true - the real problem is not having the right goals to inspire you enough to work on them. You may not associate yet with the right people, you may not yet read the books that will inspire you, you may not have challenged yourself recently. 

So - a second part to the "what if" game is something I have asked you to do before and that is the "I want" list. 

If you write down those things you say you "want" every day, not only will you see patterns of goals emerging, you will also see barriers appearing

  • I want a stable income
  • I want to be my own boss

Sometimes the conflict of those two wants will stop you pursuing a business venture that can give you both...eventually. 

Every day you need to write your want list

Every day

Then take each want item and ask:

  • "what if" I achieve / acquire that?
  • What if I don't?
  • What would my life be like? What can i do to achieve those things I say I want?

Your want list can focus your attention on what is important to you like nothing else can.