Motivate Me to Lose Weight

Losing weight isn't hard. It's keeping the weight off, once you've lost it - that's the hard part. We are not out to lose weight - that's just a happy side benefit. We are out to change our behaviours from ones that allowed us to gain weight in the first place, to behaviours that allow us to shed those pounds and to keep them off. 


The magic bullet approach to dieting vs the traditional way of losing weight

When it comes to putting on weight, we don't think about the number of months and years it has taken for us to reach that point. But when it comes to losing weight, we seem to want the magic bullet. I want to lose weight now, and I don't care how I do it, or if it is healthy or sustainable.

My neighbor was a "big" lady and the first to admit it. So knowing her own limitations - she opted for lap band surgery, well things were getting a little desperate and was already well on the way to becoming diabetic (food related version).

Yes she lost weight - a lot of it in fact ... about 40 kilos. The problem with the "magic bullet" approach - she hasn't learned a damn thing about food and nutrition. She just bemoans the fact that she can't eat the pies and cakes she used to eat before the surgery. BTW she still makes them and uses up the small space where her stomach used to be for the fat and the carbs - instead of filling it with quality fruits, veg and protein. I know she still makes them because 

  1. she told me and
  2. was proud of the fact that the rest of the family were putting on weight.

So it was interesting when she said - you've lost a lot of weight - how did you do it? 

I replied - oh you know, dieting and exercise, so it's size not just weight, with the weight training i'm doing I may look thinner, i weigh about the same. 

To be fair though I have lost about 5 kilos according to the scales. But as muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less space it's an interesting re-adjustment of body composition. 

The difference between my neighbors approach to losing weight and mine is this - she felt she couldn't control what she ate so opted for the surgery (she told me). I know that I can - and having stripped out the refined carbs, and as a result the fat that you use to make it palatable - am reducing my size and changing shape as a result. 

Without carbs I have to get my energy from other sources - namely fruits, veg and nuts. My neighbor still eats what she wants, just little bits of it regardless of whether it's good for her or not.

Where our "diets" are similar though comes down to this.... We both need to maintain this way of eating for the rest of our lives. If she reverses the surgery she will gain weight - guaranteed. As I can't reintroduce the refined carbs back into my diet (allergy) - I stand a much better chance of keeping my weight in the healthy range, and as I enjoy the exercise, shall continue to tone up the skin as I drop the size. Apparently my neighbor is going back under the knife in the new year to get rid of some loose skin. 

When you are faced with a problem or issue, remember there are many ways to deal with it...and the way you deal with it, is of course up to you.