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Turn your travel time into study time if you want to succeed

I don't think it matters where you are in life at this time, there will always be some thing that you need to learn. 

A lot of people use their cars as a mobile university. If you have audio recordings of personal development training programs you've purchased or acquired, then you have time to study. When you begin your journey, plug in the player and learn while you travel. With ear buds you can also learn while you ride the public transport or your bike and skateboard. 

If you are constantly plugged in, you never have to stop listening.

The beauty is of course, that every time you listen to these kinds of things they are implanting their suggestions into your sub-conscious. And speaking from experience - there will always be new things to hear when you listen to something over and over again. Yes you tune out - but even more importantly - the things we learn today will be the foundation stones for our starting points tomorrow.

Get a voice recorder app and read aloud your notes and create a personal study program designed just for you.

Doing this helps in a number of ways, you have to read the material out loud. Then when you play it back you get to listen to you, telling you what is important to your future development.

The more you listen, the more you will remember.