Motivate Me to Be Successful

"To think about your life is to create it. You have to take ownership of where you are right now and know where you want to go before you can get there. Keep collecting evidence for your success. You can believe it, and you can be it."
~ Ali Vincent

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Creating space for success

Long lasting change usually only occurs when you have the time and space in which to let your creativity appear. Our day-to-day lives are filled with a chaotic jumble of things we have to do. We know there are also things we should not be doing, but we do them anyway. Somtimes out of a hope for peace and quiet and sometimes so we don't have to focus on those things we know we HAVE to do, just don't want to do.

If you have begun the process clearing the clutter from your lives (and I hope you have tried to do this) then you will begin to see the space between the trees.

If you think about it, music cannot be formed if there were not the spaces between the notes. Written words cannot be formed without the white space that surrounds each and every letter, and between each word and between each line.

Our minds also need space to create, to think, to be. What it cannot do, is cope with the jumble of thoughts and energy created by clutter - either in our physical environment, nor in our mental one.

Space allows you to create meaning in the rest of your lives. Think of your tasks as the words on the page or the notes you can hear....the true creativity comes from making sense of the white space that surrounds them.

If you haven't managed to create some space you can truly call your own, I would stongly urge you to do so. We are all at the beck and call of other people. I have two children who enjoy reality TV and soaps. I've also got neighbours who seem to think that loud is best, and kittens who think your sole reason for being on this earth is to play with them, so if I can create some space to call my own, then I would suggest that you can too.

Only then can we create the true meaning of the lives in which we currently exist.