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"To think about your life is to create it. You have to take ownership of where you are right now and know where you want to go before you can get there. Keep collecting evidence for your success. You can believe it, and you can be it."
~ Ali Vincent

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Outsourcing your future - why a perfect resume is only just the beginning

My daughter applied for one of 40 jobs with a large company.

There were 1200 applicants.

She was shortlisted to 200 applicants who were then invited to a group interview followed by a very short interview on the day by one of the recruiters.

She didn't have any experience in that particular industry - but the recruiters were looking for something special.


She started work last Monday

When she was laid off from her previous company she was unsure what she wanted to do, she just knew it wasn't going to be in liquor retail anymore. She was over the abuse, the bad hours and humping back breaking loads of booze around the place. 

Will you help me with my CV mum?

I knew she was unhappy where she was, and I had offered to write her resume many times so she could look for another job - but she was always going to get around to it one day. That day had apparently arrived.

How about you have a go first and then I'll review what you've written. 

Her first attempt contained the basics. The review I undertook with her uncovered all those little things she had forgotten about so didn't include.

The completed version along with a well crafted cover letter got her to the short listed group.

What got her over the line were some simple things:  

  • She dressed in corporate business attire in the colours of the company she was applying for. The ones who didn't bother to read the line that said - please dress in appropriate business wear where immediately thanked for their time and shown the door. First cull complete.
  • She took the time to do her hair and makeup and made sure her nail polish wasn't chipped. She looked the part - and that was important because she was going to be customer focused.
  • She took a copy of her resume and cover letter - no-one else bothered to do that and that impressed the recruiter. And
  • She had researched the company so knew the likely scenarios she would face in interview. It didn't go perfectly but that didn't matter. 

The recruiter had trouble getting hold of her referees but that's what happens when you work in an environment where you are not allowed your telephone. But they eventually coincided and my daughter has gone from a very grumpy, hate my job - to a - sorry have to go to bed I've got to get up at 6 kind of person.

Thank all that is good and generous in the world.

So then it got me thinking, I've helped a lot of people get work, change jobs, find the inspiration and motivation to move on, but hadn't really advertised - so we created Perfect CVs and Resumes

Because it's a new site, we decided to use ad-words just to get the business going. Unfortunately the first response we got was this ...

So we quickly changed the ad categories. Ad words, a trial and error process, but we quickly weeded out the rubbish.

There are many things you can outsource - all we ask is that you are mindful who you outsource your future to.

Here's to your future success.