Motivate Me to Get Fit & Healthy

The reason why you want to get fit and be healthy, will be the motivation you need to move more, to exercise on a regular basis and to eat the foods that will sustain the change in behaviour and your new way of life. Start slowly. Try as many different activities as you can. Find at least one that you like to do and you can see yourself doing as you grow into the fitter, healthier you.


Don't just go through the motions with your exercise, find something you enjoy doing and it's no longer exercise

We can all be guilty I think of just "going to the gym"- sometimes we can feel righteous and tell ourselves that we can eat what we want now because we've "been to the gym". Bbut if the gym thing is a bore, why are you doing it? Find something you really enjoy and you won't ever go through the motions you'll be itching to get there and get exercising.

It was still dark when the alarm went off this morning. The morning had a chill in the air as I put on the clothes I had laid out the night before. But I needed to get to the gym and the circuit exercise class I needed to do. Needed - interesting choice of word - but I do need my exercise just like I need food and water. It is part of my life and I feel short changed if I don't do it. Which does make me wonder why I can go for months and pretend I don't need or want to do it. 

I arrived with 6 minutes to spare. The trainers greeted me with a cheery - hey Elle good to see you - and I had to wonder what time they got up every morning. But instead of waiting for the class to start like the other trainees I got onto a bike and started pedalling. 

When the trainer ended the last class and organised ours - I had to take a second and hard look at the people who were going to share this session. A mix of large and small, male and female. And one who arrived late and I had to wonder why she bothered. 

Her heart and mind just weren't in it. Every exercise was done half-heartedly and with little or no passion. Bearing in mind each station lasted for just 60 seconds - she would pike half way through. I doubt she even raised her heart rate. Given the class was cardio and weight loss with some weights thrown in - It seemed pointless to me. The trainer did her best - she cajoled us, and pushed us...she even held the punch bag as I kicked the dickens out of it. But the person who had turned up and hadn't participated fully and properly - had wasted her time because she had gained no benefit from it, other than turning up. Is that enough? Personally I would say no - but you may disagree with me. 

Are you guilty of just turning up? 

Are you guilty of just going through the motions? 

Then it is time you re-evaluated your reasons and your commitments to yourself and what YOU say you want to achieve.