Motivate Me to Be Successful

"To think about your life is to create it. You have to take ownership of where you are right now and know where you want to go before you can get there. Keep collecting evidence for your success. You can believe it, and you can be it."
~ Ali Vincent


Anchoring your tasks to your goals = Success

Go for what you want, not what you've got - OR  - what you think you are worthy of receiving.

There is this tiny voice inside me that tells me that I don't deserve it - whatever "it" is.

I've been there a few times, as I am sure most of you have. Most of the time I can reason with that small minded part of me that insists that - we've never done that before, or no-one in our family has done that before. Turns out it and my own reasoned thinking was wrong - on many counts.

I arrogantly thought I was the only person in my family to leave the area I and most of my known relatives lived in - wrong - hey ego, shove that one in your pipe and smoke it... No, I've got relatives from Utah to Melbourne - how do I know - ah the power of that monstrosity called Facebook and a family name that has been passed down through the generations. Turns out I'm not so special after all.

So after knocking that myth on the head after all these years made me stop and think. What else has my ego driven thinking stopped me from thinking about, analyzing and acting upon Turns out a lot of stuff. And a lot of it has come down to an absolute truth.

You have to know what it is you want - absolutely know, without any shadow, shape or doubt - what you want. 

So lets be clear about something. No I mean really clear! Do you know what your future holds? If you don't - then your to do lists and busyness means nothing, and you will be at the whim and mercy of everyone who does know what they want, and more importantly they will make good use of your rudderless movements for their own gain. 

I was down in Rockingham today, I wanted to be able to take a long walk, and I haven't been to that area for some time. Nice place, great beaches to walk on, especially during the winter when most other people are tucked up inside because - "ugh it's raining" - give over, you are not going to dissolve - otherwise we'd have to make alternative arrangements for our daily showering now wouldn't we.  Imagine my surprise when I saw what looked like a beached boat - apologies to the boaties out there, it was a decent size vessel, but not what I would call ship size and I thought - oops, perhaps you should have moored a bit further out - cos the tide had gone out and it was listing. No - a recent storm that had passed through the area had ripped it from its moorings and deposited it on the sand ... lucky them -

a) it didn't capsize and

b) it didn't hit the pier ...

this one is appropriately called the Stealaway ...


So imagine my surprise when driving home, and just a couple of kkilometres north I saw a 2nd one ... a slightly bigger one, but still tossed onto the sand like a child having a tantrum throwing its toys around.

Without a clear goal we are like those boats, going somewhere, just not where we thought we'd end up. Rudderless and without a firm anchor.

So - Lets look at one of the typical statements people tend to throw around...

I want to grow my business by 10%

What does that actually mean?

  • Is there another 10% to be had?
  • What is your current market share and what will trying take more market mean to the price?
  • How many more bits do you have to sell?
  • To whom and at what price? 
  • Who is going to make the sale and if your company also makes those bits do you have the capacity to make them, and space to store the extra stock needed to make them and the bodies to do the work?

It sounds a little simplistic, but I just wanted to say - we can all pluck figures out of the air, we just need to know if what we are doing is realistic. And if it is, then what is the step cost of doing so?

Do you want to be financially independent? That means - you can live without "working" and earning money.

Yes of course you do.

OK, 2nd question - How long do you want to live for?

My usual response to that is - I plan on living forever, and so far it's working...

Let's say you're planning (all things being equal) to go for the century mark - and you plan on retiring at age 65. That means you have to fund 35 years. Looking at where you are now, how long could you support yourself and your family for? Be honest - is it hours, days, weeks or years? What do you need to do to make those numbers change?

We were standing in the queue at the pharmacy to pay for some anti-histamines. In front of us was a rather portly gentleman with 3 sealed boxes of boxes. Of course we don't know his personal story, but the total cost of those 3 boxes was $197 and I hoped that was an annual supply of meds if only for his bank balances sake. But it did make me think - are your current eating and exercise habits good enough to let you live to be a healthy 100 years? Or does your savings plan include the multiple visits to the doctors and all is associated meds and bits n pieces? Or do you need to make some changes - like getting out in the wild and the woolly to enjoy a walk. And just an aside - today was the annual HBF run/walk for a reason - there was more than 35,000 people who decided that they had enough of a reason to do just that .. given that I walk about 20k's a week -  i'm going to say I'm in for next year :-)

So take  at look at where you are - and where you want to be. 

Then make sure - starting today that the stuff on your to do list is stuff that will get you there...