Motivate Me to Get Fit & Healthy

The reason why you want to get fit and be healthy, will be the motivation you need to move more, to exercise on a regular basis and to eat the foods that will sustain the change in behaviour and your new way of life. Start slowly. Try as many different activities as you can. Find at least one that you like to do and you can see yourself doing as you grow into the fitter, healthier you.

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Why change is completely within your control

There is a change coming - and you have the power to make the biggest difference to the way your life turns out.
Now I am either talking about the new invasion of the earth by Daleks (cue Dr Who) or what you are going to do - starting now - about your future.
As you know - a few years ago I pretty much hit rock bottom. It was hard, bloody hard - and you find out really quickly who your friends are.
The injury that stopped my exercise regime, healed (eventually), I got another day job - several in fact, and I slowly came to the realisation that I am totally in control of my shape, size, weight and future.
You may think that when you have your foundation shattered, it can be hard to come back from that.
But I did, and I am now once again looking to the future. And for me it was as simple and complicated as exercising regularly again.
I've re-joined the gym, the right shoulder healed, but I've done something to the left one, so I am a bit limited as to the weights I can move, but sod it, I am not letting injury derail my health and fitness again - even if I can't lie on my left side at the moment when I go to bed. 
With the exercise back on track, my mood is better, I won't say I hit my previous depression levels, but it was close. But the exercise that is improving my body is also improving everything else including my mood and my writing. I hadn't realised how dark I had become until I re-started exercising 4-5 times a week - oh boy - note to self, exercise even when you don't feel like it...
So this is a note to you as well as me. 
  • Make exercise a part of your life - believe me you will feel better for it
  • Drink copious amounts of water - and then some
  • Cut out whatever food stuffs are a go to bad habit for you - but 
  • Eat whatever the hell you like, just make sure you exercise enough to work off the calorie intake. Ok there is a caveat here - if it is processed in any way, shape or form, read the nutrition labels of everything before you eat it - then decide if you want "it" and the amount of time it will take you to burn said food stuffs off... it's easier to go for the fruit, the veggies and the lean proteins when you work out just how many calories are in some foods.
  • Enjoy the work you do - this is essential
  • Make time to sit and listen to the wind and the kids play and have fun - this is also essential
  • Have fun - and talking of playing - make sure you find time to play on the swings, make mud pies and sand castles, dance, sing - badly if you have to and tell the people you love, that you love them... LOVE YOU - LOTS
  • And if you don't enjoy what you are doing - for goodness sake change it. You may not like the gym, but you might enjoy playing lawn bowls or a good game of golf or tennis. You may not like the job you are doing, but weigh up the good against the negative before you chuck it in.
There is change happening ALL the time - it's up to us what we do with it.
It's time to slay dragons and save the unicorns
If 2016 and the loss of those people we grew up with in the arts and entertainment world told us - it doesn't matter how much money you've got, something will get you in the end. Just make sure your life matters as much to someone as theirs did.
Would you like to bring your dreams to life?