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How to find motivation to study

When you are looking at ways to motivate yourself to study - ask yourself this one question

Will this piece of paper that comes with the course I am doing allow me to get the job that I want to do?

If the answer is yes, and if you want the job badly enough, you will find the time, energy and motivation to study. If you don't want the job badly enough - then you will rarely put enough effort into the process, and you might as well save yourself the school fees and go and find a career path that does excite you.

There are a couple more things to think about when it comes to finding motivation to study:

  • Are you on a particular course of study because your parents or peers expect you to be?
  • Are your family and friends urging you to get a job and stop wasting time on studying?
  • Are you envious of your family and friends lifestyles? Being a student is not exactly financially rewarding. Being a "poor" student can suck sideways if your friends are out partying all weekend, when you are home with the books.

Only you can answer those questions. Just as you are the only person who can decide on the path where your future lies.

Be honest with yourself, and if that means hitting the books again - well that should be all the motivation to study you need.