Motivate Me to Be Successful

"To think about your life is to create it. You have to take ownership of where you are right now and know where you want to go before you can get there. Keep collecting evidence for your success. You can believe it, and you can be it."
~ Ali Vincent

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If you don't keep your eye on the ball - the opposition will win

If you are not constantly moving forwards you will eventually get left behind. While you are enjoying your number 1 status doing the same things in the same way - because - hey it's worked for you in the past - your opposition are finding better ways to do what you do.

We live in an incredible world at the moment, and you need to be constantly looking for the next thing. Retailers have lost out big time to online shopping. Film cameras lost out to their digital rivals. And the speed of change does not look like it is going to slow down any time soon. So you need to be prepared to make some changes.

What you need to understand is that what worked for you yesterday may not work for you today, and if you don’t make corrections and raise your game then you will undoubtedly lose again tomorrow.

Your opponents on the other hand are trying to find ways to defeat you. They watch what you are doing to try and find ways through your defensive armour. They watch and look to find your flaws so they can exploit them. In tennis terms you may have a great forehand topspin but your second serve lets you down. So your opponent tries to make you play to your weaker backhand rather than your better forehand. They are hoping that you will make some mistakes, which they are hoping to further capitalise on by making you angry and annoyed, which may translate into missing one or two of your first serves. And if you miss your first serves, then they know you are more than likely to miss your second serve too.

What happens when they are trying to beat you, they practice the moves they need to make, and keep on practising so their new game becomes second nature to them. Now all they need to do is play you again, they have succeeded in raising their game, it may seem like yours has been lowered, when in reality yours has stayed the same.

One of the things I have noticed recently is how few of the people I’ve spoken to actually know what their competition is doing. How can you raise your game if you don’t know who’s out there in the marketplace let alone what they’re doing right now. Henry Ford thought he was invincible with the Model T. That was until General Motors came along, after which time it took Ford almost 70 years to catch up.

Are you guilty of not knowing what your current strengths and weaknesses are? Are you hoping that no one has a better game plan than you do? If that is the case I would suggest you take a good look at the game you are currently playing because it’s time you raised the level, after all if Henry Ford found out the hard way, so can you.