Motivate Me to Be Successful

"To think about your life is to create it. You have to take ownership of where you are right now and know where you want to go before you can get there. Keep collecting evidence for your success. You can believe it, and you can be it."
~ Ali Vincent

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Motivate Me to Get Crap Done

When you have a list of things to do and you are feeling completely overwhelmed – where do you start?

As Sister Maria said in the Sound of Music – “Start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start...”

But where is the start?

It could be anywhere and it could be anything and it could be as simple as sewing that button back on your favourite shirt. It dropped off 2 years ago, but you’ll get around to that one day.

For me it started with feeling stuck – so...

I decided to do something about it – consequently I’ve taken this spring cleaning malarkey very seriously this year.  

But it's not just the house that's getting sorted out. It's everything that has been stuck in the I’ll get round to that one day.

I started with the easy stuff – book the bloody medical appointments and checks Elle FGS.  

  • Eye test – booked, test done, new glasses - check
  • Mammogram – booked and completed - so my work colleagues will stop bugging the crap out of me. (I got the results the other day – all clear BTW)

Next came the passport renewal. So I went to the post office only to find out that all renewals are started online... Home and fill in the forms online, print out, get photos done, go back to the post office. Have more photos done because the chemist versions were crap. The new photos are still terrible, but it does mean that I can travel again. But more of that in a moment!

While I was doing those things, I've been working on getting my car ready for exchange and sale. Niggling things that I hadn't gotten around to doing – well they’ve been gotten around to and done. More phone calls, more appointments and unfortunately in a couple of cases a bit more money. I have seen the car I'm getting. The bank has said not a problem. So that can now be completed before the end of the year ... and that’s a definite as I signed the paperwork LAST NIGHT – thanks Mike for the assist.

My Christmas shopping was completed weeks ago and it was done by buying one gift a week. And yes I started quite some time ago – but it meant that I did not have to find all the money at once. As my daughter’s birthday is on 12th night – that was an important consideration. And yes that gift has been purchased and put away as well.

Of course the house is getting a buff and polish, but more importantly stuff we don't need is being recycled or disposed of.  

But - one of my biggest sticking points, apart from a serious lack of money has been my diet. So that is also getting an overhaul. This may sound silly, but now I have my hair the colour and length almost right I just need the body to go with it. The exercise is going well after coming back from injury; it's just time to clean up the diet – and I am doing that one meal at a time. Cut back on portion sizes, add more water, and remove the white and beige.

My list of things to do isn't really getting any shorter, but things are getting done, one tiny thing at a time.

As I have said to you many times, there is no such thing as overnight success. But we can have over life success – and that is what this is all about.  

So I mentioned getting my passport renewed. We are heading back to the USA in March 2017 and I was wondering if you would like to meet up? I can confirm part of the itinerary – we will be in California, San Francisco, Vegas, Utah and Arizona. So if you would like to meet – and assuming you’ve read this far – respond in the comments and we’ll start working on the details – and yes I am thinking Master Classes and Workshops if you are interested.

I'll post an itinerary later, but keep an eye on Facebook because that's where it will hit first.

If you’ve read the free e-book I mention that most people only really get around to doing those things they are either passionate or pissed off about. My Spring has been a mix of both and it has worked.

What will motivate you?