Motivate Me to Be Successful

"To think about your life is to create it. You have to take ownership of where you are right now and know where you want to go before you can get there. Keep collecting evidence for your success. You can believe it, and you can be it."
~ Ali Vincent

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Who or what are your blockers to success

When it comes to success and succeeding in all walks of life we need to understand that only we can determine what we mean by success. Once we understand that our version of success may be different from that of our family or neighbours or coworkers there is just one other thing we need to determine. Do you think success is determined by internal or external factors?

Here is a simple exercise for you - one that will answer the opening question quite easily.

I want you to stand up and walk towards your bathroom. When you get there I need you to stand in front of the sink.

If you are like most people there should be something in front of you - go on and have a look, I'll be here waiting...

*hums tune whilst everyone hustles off to the bathroom*

Back already - gosh that was quick. OK - what did you see?

The answer is 2 - fold of course.

  1. A mirror
  2. YOU

We are our own and biggest blockers to success. We may like to blame other people, and in some cases we may be justified in thinking that is the case. However, speaking from experience - I have given up so much of my time and energy on people who expected me too, and then there is always the guilt trips we get thrown at us. I am now re-learning how to reclaim my time and my goals - just as you will have to..... ready to do so?

As we talk about in the Motivational Tip below - one of the things that always seems to get thrown by the wayside is exercise. We think we don't have time, we think people will laugh or stare at us at the gym when we struggle to complete the exercises. My trainers are great (Matt and Hilary at Efit121 - they show me, they wait whilst I stop cracking up and they correct me until I feel confident to do the exercise routines on my own. I know that the biggest problem of course lies right between our ears. We do have the time to exercise, we are just choosing to do other things. Those things may be - sleep in, go to work early, get up and write, feed the kids, take the kids to school - or whatever it is. But what about lunch time, or when the babies are asleep - why not then? Or how about dinner time - if you are organised enough and have one, use a slow cooker - and set it going in the morning - not only do you have a wonderful dinner cooked for when you and the family get home, you also have the time to do other things. And of course it's not just exercise, but any of your goals....a lot of which interrelate at this point.

An honest question - and answer please.

Are you overweight? By how much?

Do you buy your breakfast / lunch every day or do you spend time and work out your meals for tomorrow in advance? How about dinner? Too tired to cook? Bet you're not too tired to sit at a drive through and wait though. One thing I know with "fast food" - it's not especially fast especially if you have to go out of your way to get it, nor is it particularly nutritious - and I don't care what the fast food joints will scream ... it's also ridiculously expensive.

So if you are overweight, have a liking for takeaway / fast food, have a smaller than you should have bank balance and you say you can't find time to exercise - we need to talk.

You see, everything impacts on everything else. If we can talk ourselves out of a simple a thing as doing some exercise, what chance do the rest of our goals have?

What can you do about your blockers to success?

  • Be honest with yourself - why are you talking yourself out of doing what you know is right and good for you?
  • What are you afraid of? Success / failure / both? believe me I do know and I can relate - you should have a copy of my confession - you received it when you signed up for this newsletter - or were sent it....
  • Why don't your goals excite you so much that you "have" to work on them? I know losing weight and keeping fit and healthy is hardly exciting BUT why not team those goals with some of your bigger goals? I've always wanted to run the Perth City to Surf - I won't be running it this year as I not fit enough (and my girlfriend won't run) but I will be doing the 12 k walk. Likewise I wanted to climb Jacob's Ladder - 242 steps up the side of a mountain (well small hill actually) - my girlfriend bailed at 4 sets of stairs - OK wait for me at the bottom I'll be back - so I did it on my goal - run up without collapsing at the top .... What's not to get excited about trekking the himalayas or walking the Kokoda Track. Why wouldn't you want to be slim as you rode bareback down a beach in Broome. Why wouldn't you want to be a model for the day and get some professional shots taken?

Get serious about your goals, make them real, make them exciting for you - make them live, breath life into them by giving them so much detail you can't help but achieve them. I know there will be hiccups and set backs - hey that's life. But don't waste yours telling yourself you can't.

With many thoughts